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The Sad Thing That Burna Boy Did To Sho Madjozi

NomaNsu 06/26/2020

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Image credit: Instagram

Sho Madjozi is one of them most talented musicians to come of the African continent. The Limpopo born and raised hitmarker's unique style of music makes her a cut above the rest and that is why she has landed on the BET nomination list of 2020 under the BET Best International Act category which is usually a male dominated category and this year things have not changed as Madjozi is the only female in the category.

Recently Sho Madjozi took to twitter to tell fans what fellow African musician Burna Boy did to her. Madjozi told her followers that the remix of Own it was no longer available because Burna Boy who is also nominated in the same category in the BET awards by the way, asked Stormzy and his team to take down the remix of Own it , a song by Stormzy, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran and Madjozi. According to Sho Madjozi, Burna Boy seemed to be threatened by the John Cena hitmarker because she was nominated in the same category as her.

Madjozi did not seem pleased by this move and went on to say that the biggest artists on the continent saw her as a "little girl" who couldn't possibly threaten or dethrone them from their seats of power but now she has been put in the same category as the big fish. Majozi also went on to mention that last year she and Burna Boy were cool with each other at the BET awards but now things seem to have changed. Burna Boy has commented on this shocking revelation by saying that, "Own it", is not his song and he has no control over it and could not take it out of streaming sites. Stormzy on the other hand seems to mum on the matter or he is yet to comment.

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Image credit: Instagram

But if what Madjozi is saying is true it could start a beef between Nigeria where Burna Boy comes from and South Africa where Sho Madjozi comes from. The citizens from the two countries are always feuding on social media from who has the better country, xenophobic attacks on Nigerians by South Africans and who has the better economy. Now this could also see itself start another unnecessary twar

Sho Madjozi is one musician who has been trailblazing in the music scene since she started her music career in 2017. The limpopo born musician rose to fame when she featured on Okmalumkoolkat's track called, "Ngiyashisa Bhe". She later on released her debut single called, "Dumi Hiphone", which was an instant hit and took her fame to the stratosphere. The singer's mother tounge, Xitsonga which she uses in all her songs has also made her one of a kind as not a lot of musicians in South Africa sing in this language. Madjozi's went on to release her much anticipated debut album Limpopo Champions League which featured another hit single Huku. The song was the lead single to the album. Madjozi won a best female album and Newcomer of the year at the South Africa Music Awards in 2019 for the album. The musician has also been the brand ambassador for the mobile pre-paid provider, Trace mobile.

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khululekanimweli · 06/27/2020
Ladies there's your Nigerians but Just keep on pushing girl you are talented lift up the SA flag higher

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