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Armed thugs enter and rob a police station and then started firing shots at police officers

Technon 06/25/2020

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The south African police service in Mpumalanga is calling on anyone with information to come forward or use the mySapsapp to give the police tip offs after a police station was robbed

The SAPS is calling for assistance after a police station in Mpumalanga bushbuckridge was robbed by armed criminals.

It was just torward the middle of the night on the 22 of June when unknown gunmen suddenly entered the police station and robbed the stations firearms

In their strategy, they entered the police station pretending to be people looking for help or police assistance, and when they have cleared any possible suspicions that could come from the officers... They suddenly pulled out guns and disarmed all the officers

They then proceeded and forced them to open the gun safe of the police station an took the firearms that were in the safe.

As confirmed by colonel Brenda muridili six firearms were stolen.

After they robbed the station and when they were leaving the suspects fired shots during which a data typist was shot, she was shot and injured on her thigh.

The community said they just heard gun shots an screams coming from the police station, during an interview they further said that they were worried that the stolen guns will be used to terrorise the community

All other office officer who were unscathed were taken for counselling

The suspects are still at large.

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MuthupheiJordaan_03 · 06/25/2020
Lol,i think the government must hire security company to guard the police.

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