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Finally EFF Leader Julius Malema To Clear The Air Regarding The VBS Matter Today

Mpho7499 06/25/2020

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EFF Leader Julius Malema is relied upon to hold a round table with columnists as part of his crusade to dispel any confusion air on his and the gathering's supposed inclusion in the VBS Shared Bank adventure. 

Malema said on Wednesday that he had welcomed five writers from different media houses to ask him inquiries in regards to the VBS matter after the reappearance of inquiries in regards to the EFF's contribution with VBS. 

The round table will be held around early afternoon. 

The plundering of VBS Bank came into the spotlight in 2018 after the arrival of a report dispatched by the SA Hold Bank. 

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The examination was driven by Backer Terry Motau which found that near R2 billion was plundered from the save money with the assistance of administrators. The report named "The Incomparable Bank Heist" was discharged in October 2018. 

VBS Bank was shaped to be a reserve funds office in 1982 and saw numerous people channel their investment funds to the bank. This included beneficiaries who had their lifesaving vanish after updates on the plundering became known. 

A sum of 20 regions the nation over had wrongfully contributed over a billion rands to the bank, with some solitary ready to recuperate a couple of the assets. 

Over R1 billion was taken and the assets were directed to different financial balances and saw different government officials supposedly advantage. A portion of those supposed promoters were ANC legislators and the EFF has likewise been blamed for corruptly profiting by the plundering. 

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A week ago, the Falcons and the NPA affirmed the captures of seven men connected to the plundering of the bank. 

Falcons head Lieutenant General Godfrey Lebeya affirmed Birds of prey had led assaults on June 17 on 10 properties in Gauteng and Limpopo. Seven men, who incorporate previous VBS officials, were captured. 

They showed up at the Palm Edge Judge's Court a week ago Thursday. The case has been deferred until October. 

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The men deal with 47 indictments which incorporate; five charges of racketeering, 12 tallies of robbery, 7 charges of extortion, 15 charges for debasement and 7 for illegal tax avoidance. Lebeya said they couldn't uncover the speculates' name until they show up in court. 

The EFF has been blamed for profiting monetarily from the assets taken at VBS. 

Lebeya had declined to remark on inquiries of whether he had been in correspondence with Floyd Shivambu the EFF's agent president, whose sibling had been connected to an organization that got assets from VBS Bank.

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