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Citizens on SABC1 are saying the South African budget was not specific

[email protected] 06/24/2020

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Tito Mboweni has delivered a budget speech on 24 July. After his presentation most of the people on the social media (SABC1) weren't happy about the presentation. They say the budget doesn't specify how the money will be used.

Some have said the government is not the one who create jobs. So how jobs will be created if there is no proper plan. They are totally saying the budget lack specifications and that was just a description of the current COVID-19 events around the country.

Others have said the budget was meant to address COVID-19 not other areas that need attention. Most are saying they didn't get exactly how they are going to be assisted by the budget. And some of those who showed a concern were from politics and taxi industry.

The citizens on SABC1 have said the budget has not reached the local areas where they live, and they are worried because big money is often presented and at the end of the day they aren't part of that money.

Some were worried by the statement of keeping on borrowing money from outside because they are not even clear how this money will be paid since the country is facing big economy challenges.

Source: opera.com
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