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Neymar's Return To Barcelona

Tumza10 06/24/2020

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Spanish gaints, FC Barcelona are still interested in signing PSG star player, Neyamr despite winning a lawsuit against the prolific Brazilian star man.

Neymar sued Barcelona $49 million for his loyalty bonuses. However the Spanish court's decision went in favour of Barcelona but the 28 year old can still appeal to get the decision overturned. 

Barcelona then later filed a countersuit against the 28 year old demanding $9.9 million that he received as a bonus for signing a new contract with the Spanish gaints in 2016. 

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Despite the war between Neymar and his former club there is still interest from the Spanish gaints to resign the Brazilian superstar. According to reports club captain, Lionel Messi and striker Luis Suarez have been putting pressure on the club's hierarchy in pursuit of resigning the 28 year old. 

Neymar enjoyed the pinnacle of his career at Barcelona and has a healthy relationship with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Although the club failed to secure the move last summer the Spanish giants still haven't given up in signing the 28 year old.

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Source: opera.com
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