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Join Thousands Of Christians In Signing Petition To Cancel ‘Demonic’ Film Depicting Jesus As Lesbian

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Join Thousands Of Christians In Signing Petition To Cancel ‘Demonic’ Film Depicting Jesus As Lesbian

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Hollywood has set to release a movie to depict our lord jesus Christ as a lesbian, and this has caught the attention of all Christians around the world as they protested that the movie should not be released because is a blasphemy movie against Christians faith.

The late Michael Jackson daughter Paris Jackson, is the actress playing Jesus in the controversial film Habit, and her role is to act like jesus representing a Lesbian on the movie, The Christian Film & Television Commission, is calling on Christians to sign a petition demanding that the upcoming film “Habit” be pulled ahead of its release due to its “blasphemes” depictions of Jesus Christ which is strictly against christianity and such movie can not be allowed to be released because it is going to kill the faith of upcoming new believer in christ .

in the movie Michael Jackson daughter paris Jackson’s portrayal of Christ will be as a lesbian who involves herself in a series of carnal acts with another woman in immortality which is a sin against the almighty God.

It is rhe duty of all Christians around the world to make sure such movie is not released, because no one would dare act a movie in depicting of Muhammed being a gay, i don't think such a person will live to see the next morning, we then urged all Christians to sign the petition in order to gain more opposition for the release of the blasphemy movie by Hollywood.

Click here to sign petition

Please if you are a true believer dont go without signing this petition our lord jesus Christ can not be depicted to be a Lesbian.

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anate · 06/28/2020
what's the world turning to?

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