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See How Julius Malema Remain 'Firm And Unshaken' On The VBS Allegations Saga

JanetOE 06/25/2020

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With an end goal to be open to columnists in tending to claims of the EFF being embroiled in the "plundering of VBS" bank reserves, EFF pioneer Julius Malema said he saw it fitting to confront the charges head-on, in a discussion with different political journalists all together tackle unanswered inquiries. 

Moving directly to a Polokwane "On-Point Speculations" delicate issue under the watchful eye of the court, which Malema was involved in through his family trust, Malema said he had never stayed away from any court forms the court. 

On VBS charges, Malema said government ought not have put the bank under curatorship. 

"Salvage a dark bank and capture the culprits. For what reason would it be a good idea for it to be shut at this point? How about we capture criminal components and salvage the bank. 

"I've never addressed VBS individuals. I've never had any dealings with VBS individuals. 

"I have nobody near me who profited by VBS bank." 

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Handling an inquiry on why a Mahuna Ventures charge card was constantly utilized in a similar region as Malema, Malema said it was his sibling's card, and he was unable to confirm concerning why the card was utilized where he was. 

"From where I stand, my siblings have done nothing incorrectly." 

He said he never profited any penny from VBS, before clarifying that he was unable to confirm how his sibling or cousins settled a bill to a dinner or beverages he had devoured. 

"My family has occupied with clean business." 

Supporter Shamila Batohi as of late informed the nation on the advancement of indictments after the vanishing of over R2 billion, which prompted the liquidation of VBS Bank. 

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Malema focused on that individuals would have been captured, CFOs, ANC legislators, and numerous others. 

Columnists prohibited from EFF pressers 

Malema said writers prohibited from EFF press briefings would stay restricted as some were "taking on the appearance of columnists" and he asserted they were caught by powers who paid them for stories. 

"These are hoodlums taking on the appearance of writers. I will guard news-casting crushed by earthy colored envelopes," he asserted. 

He said the connections on VBS and the EFF were an insignificant slanderous attack against the gathering and him, supposedly by Clergyman of Open Endeavors Pravin Gordhan. 

His procedure was to "dishonor your adversary". He said the point of the slanderous attack was not to take "you through a preliminary".

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Top Comments
TienieRupping · 06/25/2020
if everybody just confess there wrong and sort the unonesty out but dverybody has a hiden agenda
GUEST_OWaQVN8xv · 06/25/2020
one's innocence can only be proven in a court of law and any leader worth his salt should know that..and not in some exclusive interviews with some journalists you can insult as small boys at a drop of a hat

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