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The Funniest Prayer A Wife Has Ever Prayed For Her Husband

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A man lied to his to his wife that he was going on a business trip with his colleagues .He did this with a different motive of going to cheat on his wife .You know a woman's instincts are very sharp so the wife suspected that something was not alright with her husband's traveling .She asked her husband to kneel down with her and pray for the lords protection before going ahead with his journey .Here are the exact words of the wife's prayer for her husband ,tell me what you could have done if you were the husband

"Dear heavenly father , please protect my husband as he is going out and coming in ,if really he is travelling for work ,keep him safe for me ,but if he is trying to cheat on me please let the best of your thunder fire ,strike his head ,let it never miss thank you dear lord for hearing and answering my prayer ,amen !!"

The husband did not say amen to this he just stood up and said "honey ,I think it is best I cancel my trip because suddenly I am not feeling well ,may be it is the Lord's way is saying don't go anywhere today ," this is how the husband ended his trip ,if it was you what would you do ?

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OluwafemiFisoye · 06/24/2020
I will give thanks to God,is the one who can expose devil out of human's life

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