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Kaya FM premises close due to COVID-19

TalifhaniTrevor 06/26/2020

Kaya FM premises in Johannesburg temporarily closed after an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, a cleaning process is taking place. The company is making it easier testing the staff member who by any chance might have been exposed or came in physical contact to one who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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A press statement said “our company of 97 employees have been informed, and we as a company are managing the potential for further exposure pending the results of other employees’ tests”. Since the start of national lockdown Kaya FM has been following and taking safety measures to make sure that the health of the employees is safe and preserve the ability to operate. The management had only allowed essential workers back into the building while other presenters have been working from their home. According to the statement it shows that kaya FM shows including news and sports will be now broadcasting remotely.

“I have every confidence in the protocols that have been put in place by our management team, and our team’s superior capabilities to ensure the safety of our employees without interrupting our ability to broadcast the latest updates to Afropolitans. Kaya FM is our number one priority, we will get through this together as a company, and as a society at large” said Kaya FM MD Greg Maloka.

Source: opera.com
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