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Ambulance Services Delayed due to Covid-19

anshumanpaakhi 06/25/2020

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Western Cape government's department of health announced that the public should expect delays when requiring ambulance services.

This is due to the large amount of Covid-19 cases which is given more attention and first priority.

This statement was released after complaints from Mrs Nerene Koen which needed an ambulance for her brother,Mr Clyde Myburgh.

She had contacted Karl Bremmer Hospital as her brother had an infection and throwing up blood.Several calls were made to the 1077 emergency number but unfortunately the bulance never arrived.Mr Myburgh,a cancer patient was left to his own devices.The family had to rush Mr Myburgh to hospital themselves.

The hospital confirmed that the 3 calls were made from the same address and stated that they were told to cancel the ambulance service as Mr Myburgh's family would take him to hospital themselves.

They also stated that the call was a "P2" emergency and that is was not life threatening and therefore delays are to be expected.

Reasons of the delay was that vehicles had to be cleaned and Covid-19 patients are priority."P1" call is classified as life treating and falls in the the same category as Covid-19.

The hospital did however apologise to the family but Mr Myburgh's family were informed by the doctor that he is terminally I'll and that there is a possibility that he might be discharged from hospital.

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