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Why ladies love tall & dark guys

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It’s about time a woman puts these thoughts to rest for you guys! I am not saying that 100% of women don’t want a tall guy, i was once like that too. But this really isn’t the case. So many men think that they are short when they’re actually an average height. So if you still don’t believe me, let’s chat about the question

“Do girls like tall & dark guys?

My tall girlfriends want a boyfriend who will still be taller than them in heels. But what about his hair? His face? His eyes? His smile? Around a hot tall guy, you get to wear heels with reckless abandon without worrying that you will tower over him!

When you are near a hot tall guy, you feel safe, like nothing can happening to you because other people are intimidated by tall people & you feel safe when they hug you, and your height matches theirs in such a way that your ear hits their heart and you can hear it beat.

You can turn their sweaters and shirts into dresses. Just throw on some pumps and hit the club, goshh!Hot guys who are tall and big can reach stuff off the top shelf for you, and when they do you can stare at them and watch as their muscles flex.

All tall hot guys are sexy when sitting down because they are so tall that they have to slouch, meaning their legs are spread open kind of and just yes. You will never have to wear kitten heels/ be conscious about your shoe choice/worry about looking taller than your man.

 People who love tall guys know that the act of looking at a tall dude is an act of seduction 

Because when your hot tall man friend takes you to concerts, he can see everything but will use his domineering height to comb through the crowd to make sure you get to see, too.

When you go to stuff with him it will be easier for your friends to spot you in the crowd.

They have long legs…When it’s raining outside a tall guy will pull out his umbrella and you will remain perfectly dry! View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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