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Cheating husband burns family R601672.47 mansion

Bhownnie25 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In a rather bizarre incident, a 50-year-old married man did the unthinkable when he doused with petrol and set alight his family’s over R501672.47 mansion in Motshane over the weekend.

Sanele Nkambule, who stands accused of open adultery, is alleged to have deserted his family for some time until he showed up on Saturday and set on fire the family mansion. Nkambule disappeared again after the grave incident. Police are currently hot on his heels.


Nkambule previously shared the burnt mansion before the reported desertion, with his wife Zanele Ndwandwe, a teacher at Motshane High School and their five children.

Nkambule is said to have arrived home last Thursday as he currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he works, greeted his children and left.  A relative, who prefered to remain anyomous but known to this publication, said the couple’s marriage had been struggling for years but took a dreadful turn last year when Nkambule impregnated a young woman who gave birth to twins. It is said that the 50-year-old husband barely visited his wife and children as he spent most of his off-days and holidays with his lover and baby mama.

The relative said Nkambule visited his mother who stays in Makholokholo last Friday to show her the six months old baby twins.

“His mother did not welcome him but told him to go away with his children and to stop acting like a child himself,” said the relative.

Nkambule is said to have on Saturday went to his deserted home infuriated, presumably after the rejection by his own mother and ordered his children aged between five to 10 to take anything of importance out of the house.

He left for town. His wife was not around as she was at her parental home in Nkomanzi. “His children are now afraid of him because of the monster he has changed into, including the harsh and abusive manner he treated their mother,’’ said the relative. The relative said Nkambule came back from his brief trip to town with a 25-litre container full of petrol. He hurriedly circled the house sprinkling the flammable liquid from the house windows to the entire furniture inside.

“The children were trembling with fear pleading with him to stop whatever he was doing but he heard none of it,” the relative added.

She narrated that he then lit a match and set the only house the children called home ablaze while they (children) and neighbours watched helplessy.

Source: opera.com
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GUEST_9Vdr604GE · 06/30/2020
thanks he did not kill the children. he will rot in jail. baby mama must take care of the twins without the father
umlilo · 06/30/2020
stupid man
GUEST_grqADYzR1 · 06/30/2020

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