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How do handle a "Gold digger"

Lungelolatsha 2d

Is it a trend that nowadays most Women prefer to be given money by Men without working for themselves, is it cool to be known as a "Gold digger"?

Even though it has became a habit for Ladies to ask to rely on Men for money, majority.

It has been noticeable that once a girl notices that you actually like her, she sees an opportunity to reap you off. They usually start with simply things like requesting Airtime, Data, and some extra cash and so on. And you can't take her out if you can't buy her nice things like fancy food and gifts.

The worst part is that these women would reap you off even if they know they never liked you back. They always give good signals so you can believe and fall for their "scams" and leave you broke after all and heart broken.

It is so unfortunate that this young woman's scam went side ways as this guy handled the situation we might make him the Supervisor at the Men's Conference. The lady was asking for money he asked for sex in return, she says she has a Fiancee and the guy asked why she did not ask her Fiancee for the money.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Was the guy wrong or was he trying to be fair and transparent as this woman wanted to be given money without working for it?. Only her fiancee can do that and the even said he is saving the money for his own Fiancee too, this is just perfect.

It is now so difficult to distinguish between "prostitution" and "gold digging" because everywhere we go we find these attractive women. Is it a crime to love someone just for free without paying a single penny?.

I believe women are taking an advantage of men.

What is your ideal on this point. Is this guy handled the matter very well?

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