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Bake These Delicious Cakes With This Easy Method!

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I wrote this piece to give you tips and help you improve your baking skills. Baking is fun until what you are baking comes out tasting awful😩. Well, you will never go wrong with the following recipe. You will like and enjoy the end product guaranteed. Here's what you need to have:

125 gram sugar

125 ml oil

250 ml mahewu

3 eggs

500 gram of flour

Pinch of salt


Note: You can use any mahewu flavour, it can be any flavour that you like.

Back to the method, you should mix dry ingredients separately. Take your 500 gram flour and pour it in a clean bowl then take your 125 gram of sugar and mix it with the flour until it becomes one thing. After this, you can put a little bit of salt (just a pinch) and mix well with the flour and sugar in the bowl.

Now, take another bowl and and beat your 3 eggs in it. Mix your eggs well with a whipper or a fork if you don't have a whipper. Now pour in your 125 ml oil in the bowl and mix well with the eggs.

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(mahewu/ mageu. Photo: theafricanpotnutrition.com)

Take your 250 ml mahewu and pour in the bowl with oil and eggs. Mix well together and then pour the mixture to your dry ingredients. Mix well together until it becomes a smooth mixture.

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(photo: Facebook)

Prepare your oven trays and pour your dough in and bake you cakes. Put in 180 degrees Celsius until ready.

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