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A 17 Year Old Boy Ends A Life Of An 11 Year Old Girl

WeeHours 06/25/2020

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We are living in a time where if your loved ones go missing there are high chances of finding them dead. A young 11 year old girl's life was cut short, this comes after discovering her lifeless body in a sugar cane field.

On the 14 of June the 11 year old girl was reported missing to only be found naked in a sugar cane field. The little girl was raped then murdered by a 17 year old, the discovery was made on Monday at a place called Dokokweni, Durban. 

"The naked body of Amanda Mthembu, 11, was found by Gingindlovu police and the Umhlali K9 Unit in a sugarcane field in Dokodweni Reserve," police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said

The suspect will make his appearance in Mtunzini Magistrate Court on Friday on charges of murder and rape. 

Can the government hear women's cry and change the laws, South Africa is in need of a Dead sentence.

Source: opera.com
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FavourNwodo_01 · 06/26/2020
rape rape rape everywhere what is wrong with men

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