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A tired girl finally speaks out on GBV

Teeque 1d

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I've been trying, trying so hard to push and trying forcefuly for things to be right...but I've been pushed away in the process, mistreated and told hurtful things..I've been treated like a peace of trash because of my ability to try, ignored coz i have been seen to be the worthless girl that is always trying...like I am the most dumb person to have ever lived because of my desire to always try, not been told the reason for my punishment because I've been seen to deserve being punished without being given a reason or told what I have done wrong, and while on that, I figured maybe its because I'm the girl whose always on a quest to try...through it all, my heart told me not to give up,endure it all, continue trying, press on and persevere...but in the mist of my trying, I just realised I am a tired girl, a girl who is tired of trying...I am a tired girl who wants to know she means something to someone through actions, a girl who wants to see someone trying for her aswell, a girl who wants to know she is not fighting this battle alone, trying alone, I am a tired girl who does not care anymore, wether she loses the battle or not, she knows she tried everything in her power and ability..everyone has a point where they just can't take it anymore, This girl has reached her's, I can't take it anymore coz I'm just tired! I can't take being blamed for everything that's not going right yet I know I deligently tried and gave it my all...I can't take having to beg all the time because I have just reached my breaking point...this is exactly where the trying girl dies..exactly where the tired girl is born..coz I'm just a tired girl! I'm tired, like really tired..wait a min, did I just mention that I'm tired? Lemme repeat, I'm tired,do you have any idea how tired I am? tired doesn't even start to describe it, its actually an understatement, I'm exhausted...exhausted to the core! I'm just an exhausted girl! A true reflection of a tired girl! I'm just a tired girl!

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