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10 good reasons why you should drink beer

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Beer is an alcoholic beverage that people prefer drinking on certain occasions, celebrating something with certain meals.

Beer has a greater protein and vitamin content than wine. Beer is also a source of certain minerals that plays essential roles on various metabolic processes. But it need to be taken in a moderate manner inoder to boost your health.

Here are ten reasons to drink beer :-

#1 Kidney health

Beer keeps your kidney healthy! Scientists have proven that with every glass of beer you consume, it said that it reduce your risks of developing kidney stones.

#2 Lower cholesterol

The fiber found in Beer, it is said to help reduce your level of bad cholesterol.

#3 Increases vitamin B

According to experts, beer contains several other vitamin Bs ( B1, B2, B6,B12.)

#4 Strong Bones

A study has revealed that the elevated silicon in Beer can contribute to higher bone density.

# 5 Cures insomnia

Beer contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid that promotes sleep.

#6 Reduces risks of heart attack

According to experts beer have 40 to 60 percent reduced risks of heart attack compared to non- beer drinkers.

#7 Prevents blood clots

The ingredients found in Beer are said to help prevent blood clot from forming.

#8 Boosts memory

A study has shown that beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dementia than non drinkers.

#9 temporary helps fight stress

Two glasses are said to help reduce work related stress.

#10 Makes you look younger

Beer is said to have vitamins that regenerate the skin and have positive impacts on skin pigmentation. Your skin becomes smoother and beautiful.

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Top Comments
ObiriNwamara · 07/4/2020
Bear drinkers in moderation do not die like those who you think are holier than thou.

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