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People uses school fence as dumping side.

norman921 06/25/2020

A public high school fence became a dumping side for the community in the Free State town ship.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. These is very horrible and dangerous to the community and can be harmful to the children nearby.

Dead animals and old clothes that are dumped every day are all over the streets. Apparently the dumping is done during the night whereby nobody is aware of the dumping. Thrown away shoes and burned car tyres are also all over the place. These became a major problem for the community.

According to the school governing body has decided not to open the school anytime soon until the community decides to come to a conclusion on how to clean up all the mess they have caused lately.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The school has lost it's value because it was not taken care of for the past three months. The garbage sarrounds the school fence and the grass has over grown.

Children and adults walk in the streets day in and day out, nobody recognize the mess. Everyone dumps their garbage as they please at night whilst others are asleep.

Few women and men came with a plan by gathering some equipment to clean the environment as well as the dumping that is on the school fence.The cleaning is not guaranteed because most rulling party says they will not do it unless the SGB draft a legal contract of payment but the lease party refuse to clean for free. As they're worried about their health.

Assumption are dangerous for the community to point fingers in such situations. The blame is on everyone that stays near the school.

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