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Snake Designed Duvets Sold At R700 On Twitter

Original_SuperJourno 06/24/2020

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Twitter was stormed when an advertisement of winter duvets with snakes designs are being sold.

Many people are afraid of snakes, since they are poisonous and they can kill. But it seems as even in pictures people don't like snakes. 

The seller emphasized that the duvets are warm and the winter won't bother anyone who buys them. Some Tweeps jokingly said even thou they are warm but they look cold blooded. 

People always call for supporting black businesses but in this case people are not even considering it. Some comments says even if the comforter costs R1 they would never buy them. The duverts are being sold at the price of R700 each. 

Below are some of the replies we selected from the tweet about the sale of the snakes designed duverts.

Zwelithini Thixo (@Zweli_Thixo) tweeted at 4:12 pm on Wed., Jun. 24, 2020:

I should buy one maybe my family members will stop going to my room when I'm not around. 

Mandla Thambekwayo (@XCLUSIV83) tweeted at 4:23 pm on Wed., Jun. 24, 2020:

Comfortable, warm, and scary. Wena do u think I will sleep with a snake on top of my body. Goodbye 2 good nite sleep. 

Source: opera.com
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