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BASTA Take On Dlamini-Zuma in High Court over Cigarette Ban

Zama74 06/26/2020

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The British American Tobacco South African (BASTA) is taking the Minister of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, head on to court over the decision of banning tobacco sales during the pandemic lockdown. The company has currently just filed legal papers to the High Courts in attempt to have the restriction of tobacco sales reversed and its case is set to be heard the following week. BASTA's main objective is the argument of government not actually having rational and factual evidence in holding back these cigarettes sales. BASTA's affidavit statement on the argues the fact that Dlamini-Zuma "*Fails to make a convincing legal argument that cigarette ban was legally necessary, *Failed to make a legitimate health argument to prove that smoking increases the chances of contracting Covid-19 OR that smokers would be worse-off if they did contract the virus and, also,* Failed to prove the ban stopped the purchase of cigarettes". Ironically, BASTA also points out the fact that the Minister was able to admit that an approximate 21 Billion cigarette sales are possibly to happen illegally, thus affecting the rand in dropping, hence it means that there won't be any tax due to government. Nonetheless, the parties are set to face off on the 30th of June, next week Tuesday, at the division of High Courts in the Western Cape. 

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_dONaAkppa · 06/26/2020
if the people that smoke can go outside the the court in numbers and light up an illegal cigarette, maybe then the courts will be convinced..... get media involved , let them take pictures ..... smoking is not illegal the sale of cigarettes are .
CindyGerickeSlabbert · 06/26/2020
When can we go back to a normal life. Those people that are getting infected are those how dont adhere to the rules. There is a saying in africans, die wat nie hoor nie moet voel.
CarolineAllin · 06/28/2020
look at it this way smokers, you are not paying any smokers or sin tax to the ANC goverment
CarolineAllin · 06/28/2020
Roast that so called doctor right of her seat BATSA

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