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July is the Death penalty for passengers

Okuhlebewu 06/25/2020

Corona has came in onother perspective to all of South African citizens. Government has given people R35O but I do not think it is enough to cover this scar that is being formed by taxi owners. The big problem is that taxi fair always go up but never drops.

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In long distances taxi fair used to hike by R10 but now it will hike by R40, which is four times the normal raise. People of South Africa let's come together to fight this taxi war. Taxi owners must be clear about the reason why they raise the fair, we are all affected by this pandemic, it is not only them. Students have been disturbed, people have lost jobs, homes have lost loved ones. There is really no need for this exegeration. What will save the nation is the unity not this kind of selfishness. When i saw these news i became very heartbroken as to why are suffering so. We will not be killed by Corona virus but we are killing each other. There is really no need for covering the score. If taxi business takes advantage of poor sick South Africans what do they say about the poor of the poorest? View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Santaco please speak to your members and come to the reasonable decision that will benefit all South Africans.

Beautiful South Africans let's all come together and fight this taxi problem.

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