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Nasty C teams up with American DJ Whookid on their new Mixtape titled 'Zulu'.

KabeloMaseala 06/25/2020

Nasty C has been the recent talk within the South African music fraternity in recent weeks. This comes after he released his new single 'Eazy' that has been highly welcomed by his fanbase.

However, Nasty C has now teamed up with an American DJ Whookid on a new mixtape titled 'Zulu'. This comes after it was highly expected that Nasty C will be dropping a new album this year, titled 'Zulu Man With Some Power'.

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Nasty C told his fans on Twitter that he'll be dropping a mixtape alongside DJ Whookid and has since kept his fans on the edge of their seats impatiently waiting for the mixtape to be released.

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However, in the mixtape Nasty C and DJ Whookid worked on three tracks, namely, Poetry ft T.I, High key and Steve Harvey. The new mixtape shows the versatility that Nasty C has. His music type has been changing along the years and proves to be improving and he is yet to reach his peak.

Nasty C's fans now have some great music to listen to as they impatiently wait for the delayed release of 'Zulu Man With Some Power'.

Source: opera.com
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