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OPINION PIECE: Helen Zille Must Apply For Citizenship In Orania

Mosware 06/25/2020

Congress Of The People (COPE) 's Dennis Bloem is angry and disappointed with DA Federal Council Chairperson Hellen Zille. Bloem believes Zille is showing his true colours and South Africa should know the agenda of DA. He went as far as saying Hellen Zille must apply for a citizenship in Orania, because he does not belong to South Africa.

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This comes after Hellen Zille posted on her Twitter page that “had it not been for former president FW de Klerk dismantling the apartheid regime, the ANC would still be bogged down in the mess of its so-called liberation camps and infighting. They (ANC) had no viable armed Struggle to speak of.”

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The former Western Cape premier also wrote: “Lol, there are more racist laws today than there were under apartheid. All racist laws are wrong. But permanent victimhood is too highly prized to recognise this."

The tweet has been referred to party structures to determine whether she has breached its rules or regulations. The party’s interim leader, John Steenhuisen, yesterday said: “Helen has referred her tweet to the party structures to determine whether she has breached any rules or regulations of the party. 

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Top Comments
SoWhat · 06/26/2020
Bloem you are 100%correct. No need for her to apply she must just relocate and join those psycho paths in the Ghost farm of Orania. Helen Zille is a Racist finish and klaar 👎😤
MikePapa · 06/25/2020
Black People what do you want in White Peoples Political parties...

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