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People living with vitiligo they say it's ok to speak out

Talkshowaboutanything 06/25/2020

25 jine is the international vetiligo day across the globe people who have the skin condition are celebrating the day their uniqueness .people like Graham Norton , lelerlti khumalo, and brington Ngoma.

There's not only this people there are many who living with this condition like my cousin she does have this skin problem at first I was asking myself what is it until the doctor explained to us then this where I understand it , because it's create a variation colour patches on the skin from loss of pigment.

According to doctors vitiligo is a common long term condition that's present it self a loss of colour in the skin .

Scandal actor Quinton on the drama (brington ngoma)has come out for his conditions and how is affect his daily life this year his the chosen to celebrate Ingram to participate in vitiligo awareness campaign for the skin .

He said he tought himself about the problem and he didn't panic and he started to teach people around him.

He said there are many people who are mocked because of their skins ,ngoma said “I often get odd looks once people see my hands being a different colour too my face and most people don’t say anything, they just stare. But because my vitiligo is mostly on my arms and hands, it’s not that noticeable.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Most of the time it’s covered, unlike other people where it shows on the face.

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