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Opinion :If You Were To Choose Among These Four Prophets Which One Will you Choose ?

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Would you choose Shepherd Bushiri originally from Malawi and the Spiritual Son to Ubert Angel. Shepherd Bushiri is one of the wealthiest pastors and he has a famous church in South Africa .He is known to pray for "miracle money ," and to preach the prospect gospel.He also is known for his anointing oil ,stickers and prophecies .

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Alph Lukau is known as the "resurrection pastor," After he pulled the resurrection stunt he earned a name for himself for he just went a little bit too far in demonstrating the works of God .His church Alleluia international ministries is also doing well in South Africa .

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Eventhough ,Ubert Angel is not based in South Africa he is a Zimbabwean prophet based in the United Kingdom and also the powerful mentor behind prophet Bushiri ,he is known for prophesying what is written on your ID number and the day you were born .He is also behind the "miracle money," and prosperity gospel .He is a mentor to most of the wealthiest young prophets in Africa like Lukau,Bushiri and Passion Java .

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If there is a prophet who knows the meaning of spending money,show off and enjoyment it is this so called man of God originally from Zimbabwe and based in United States .He is known as the "Twabum," prophet although I have no idea what that means .He also is a prosperity gospel teacher and was mentored by Ubert Angel .If there is a prophet who spends money in this world it is this young pastor, known for displaying his fleet of cars and freedom of speech .

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077234***** · 07/13/2020
they all rubbish i would put them in hell
FrancisAgha_03 · 07/7/2020
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