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COVID-19: See how 523 students and 1169 staff members were infected with coronavirus in South Africa

Lindamary 06/28/2020

The department of basic education has declared that around five hundred and twenty-three students and 1169 school staff members have been affected by the coronavirus as they tested positive to the virus.

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This was made known in a statement released by the department on Saturday. The department declared that 775 schools in South Africa have been affected by the virus and this have made them close schools temporarily and it will be reopened in three weeks to disinfect affected places and to identify infected people.

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Moreover, the department beseeched schools to strictly follow the COVID-19 guideline in order to curb the spread of the virus. The statement further explained that schools should test students and staff members via the department of health covid19 guidelines. The students and staffs should also make use of cloth masks and staff members that needs PPE should be identified through a risk assessment.

See the breakdown below:

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Presently, South Africa has one hundred and thirty-four cases and two thousand four hundred thirteen cases.

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