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Deep down we all wanted to say this about South Africa

LoudasDay 06/24/2020


South Africa seem to be hit with many depressing situations this year.2020 looked to be like we are finally addressing too many elephants in the room.From GBV,UIF, Strike murders, kidnappers, virus rapidly climbing to kills us.Kodwa kuzolunga,losiloyile will be caught.My condolences to those who lost their loved one's and I'm hope this country could be resurrected from its pit hole.

Besides that the air and environment or sense of present living has been weird.Nothing is as colourful as before and the generation in South Africa just seems confusing and filled with hatred and survival.As if life as went away with S.A's innocence.

The youth is depressed and conflicted, parents are struggling,no jobs ,no kids painting happiness in the streets besides pandemic.

I guessing it is all in adjusting, adjusting for ourlives, women's lives and their blood on the streets.South Africa truly needs to repent.

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