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Julius Malema: "My Family Owns 600 Cattle,300 Sheep And 300 Goats

Mmapula 06/25/2020

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says he is from a business minded family and it is not fair that people think that he is living a good life because of fraud.

"I can not deny that my family is in busi8and I have declared all the businesses in parliament. My family is in to Agriculture and farming. We own 600 Cattle, 300 Sheep and 300 goats," Malema said.

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He also disclosed that other family business ventures include accommodation, events and alcohol.

Malema was answering questions from journalists who are currently interrogating him about the VBS scandal and other fraudulent deals that he is allegedly involved in.

The EFF leader vehemently denied all allega9made against him, maintaining that they are all part of a political smear campaign against his political party.

His supporters have praised him for "dealing with these journalists like a professional, you knew your story... UYINDODA!!"

"I like this #JuliusMalema presser. Robust engagement. JM is being held to account and he is ready to answer. This is good for Democracy. We need more engagements like this between journalists and politicians. The media is not the enemy!," said a Twitter user.

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Top Comments
Southafrican1 · 06/25/2020
There is a difference in defending yourself against the public opinion and defending yourself in the courts of law.
Davidngoato · 06/25/2020
answering questions was must,he could not just keep quite....but all of his answers was lies
Bafilo · 06/25/2020
CIC is a fraud. Fraudulent guys can easily wriggle themselves from any accusations. Journalists could not ask the right question because CIC has a reputation of insulting people and humiliating them.
+27-79178**** · 06/25/2020
His family massively boosted after he got elected president of ANC YOUTH LEAGUE.

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