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South Africans Are Celebrating Today

Sasanice 06/26/2020

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the Freedom Charter. Hundreds of South Africans met at Kliptown over two dayson 25-26 June 1955 to compile a list of aspirations for a new South Africa. They also declared the day of the Charter's adoption Freedom Day. I doubt it is possible to reflect on this day without talking about the Women's Charter adopted on 17 April 1954. Some of the ideas in the Freedom Charter are inpired by the FSAW's solutions a year before.

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Today also marks 70 years since the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950. This is the Act that was used to arrest many activists for opposing the apartheid regime even if they were not necessarily communists. It is also one of the reasons the CPSA was not present in Kliptown.

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These commemorations are just good on paper but not being implemented. It's another anniversary of freedom charter as it was adopted in Kliptown in 1955 but still people don't have land, they don't benefit to mineral resources beneath the soil.

It is a par investor myth to conclude that the idea of nationalisation of mines and banks will deter foreign investors. For as long as we still have mineral resources anchored in our African soil investors will still stick around. All we need to embrace is a radical courage and quality skills to overcome this. I proudly blame the ANC for this delay and corwardness they have expressed already because they host a strongest mandate in parliament to act and change the circumstances around the economy of our country.

Is the ANC in a credible position to talk about the Freedom Charter? It seems that the African National Congress has failed dismally. Maybe it is time for fresh parties to carry the mandate forward because our economic society is not progressing under the ANC irrespective of its legacy.

Do the positives from the last 26 years outweigh the negatives? It seems that there is no longer an organisation called African National Congress, the only thing left is the legacy and the brand of the ANC but not in principle as it was before, a steady decline of votes in each an every elections is the witness.

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The ANC promised to reclaim the Freedom Charter that they have dumped and undermined so many years. What has the ANC done for its people by far? Is it enough for citizens to be proudly South African? Is there any other political party that can implement the freedom charter successfully?

The freedom charter needs patience and determination to be successfully implemented. It should not be used as a tool to lure people to form a political party and get votes. It,on its own, is hard work.

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Neoliberalism is just a euphamism for capitalism. The freedom charter consists of ideas or principles informed by communism. You cannot marry the two without conflict. Capitalism says 'every man for himself.' While the freedom charter talks about "sharing". The freedom charter does not favour whites. It promotes equality. The problem is implementation. The ANC has forgotten the freedom charter and have shifted to right wing politics in line with capitalism. BEE is supposed to be the solution but it is failing thanks to greedy leaders who have become capitalists.

Nonetheless, black citizens should celebrate that they are somehow free from the pain that apartheid brought into the lives of many. It is a day to celebrate, that finally, the doors of learning have opened for blacks and that the youth of 1976 did not die and fight for nothing.

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