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Lady reveals how her father is collecting money from her like she did to him when she was in school

Cloud13 06/25/2020

A Nigerian lady named Dr toolz has taken a funny post on her social media page about how her father cunningly extorted money from her by complaining that rain had just taken away her roof from her house.

She said this in a tweet earlier today that she read that her father had called and complained that her house Roof had been damaged due to heavy rain and that she had sent him money to repair it, but when she went home, she found that the old roof was still intact and that when she asked her father, he replied.

"When you were in school collecting money for medulla oblongata, we were aware!"

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See the Tweet Below

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This is very amusing because when we were young we always told our parents lies about our school and other stuff just to get money from them but we never realized they realized about it and they just gave us the money out of love.

This is actually what you get when collect too much money from your parents at home knowing quite well they don't have much.

Well, this lady 's father just proved it, our parents weren't silly.

What do you think of the discovery?

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