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LOCKDOWN a poetry anthology under quarantine

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A man with a plan cannot be pulled down no matter the circumstances he is facing. LOCKDOWN is a great poetry analogy that was written under quarantine. Enoch Shishenge took his time to pen down an interesting read. While people were complaining about what to drink as alcohol was not on the market, he was busy generating a good read that will be a reminder to many generations to come.

The time spent home made a lot of people create and in that they need to be innovative and creativeness kicks in. Developing a great concept needs time and time was provided as economic activities came to a halt. Online books became fashionable for students to keep up with their studies in numerous higher education institutions. If people were committed, hard-working, and dedicated to see the change they would have not sat at home without anything to do but start something fruitful. Spending time with family was a full-time job, LOCKDOWN proved it to be a time well spent.

Expecting the government to sponsor us or give everything is not an option. What is needed is a change in our mindset, this will increase innovation and it will make us build our future and encourage our youth to stand on their own. Government initiatives seem to support those who have been playing their role in economic development. The minds of people were consumed by uncertainties on lockdown and people were fortunate to play games and sit without plans. 

Shishenge published his poetry to educate, entertain, and inform during a lockdown. People must learn to use their time wisely and get out of LOCKDOWN with something to show. During the quarantine period we stayed in our houses not knowing what to do, authors, bakers had time to do what you are good at. The greatest achievement is not about the sales of books and how many have received the information about this pandemic, it is about looking at the timepiece and remember your capabilities when facing unknown circumstances.

To many, it was time to enrich themselves as tenderpreneurs providing safety products to the government, but those who are not in the database of the state had to establish some kind of survival tool. To some of us, it was time to do introspection and enjoy long recess without knowing when it will end.

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Words of appreciation of good work came pouring as readers are enjoying the book, "Thank you my leadership Enock Shishenge poet, academic scholar, teacher and wordsmith for delivering the lockdown poetry anthology, twenty-one poems written under quarantine. I just finished reading the book now. And my favorite poem here is "let them finish us" One request my leader, may we translate this body of work into our indigenous languages. I am willing to translate it to IsiZulu. Give me twenty one days also". said Ntokozo Ndlovu·

Shishenge wrote on his Facebook page that he is improving levels and taking the LOCKDOWN to places. He is on the right track and hopefully double platinum is possible. LOCKDOWN is sure to change the narratives. Kantsongo-ka-ntsongo n'wana madala!"

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