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SASSA finally gives out what to do if your R350 grant hasn't been paid or is still pending

Ahmahle 06/24/2020

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South Africans have been into a state of national lockdown for few months now. Some months in, the South African president made an announcement that had to do with the disbursement of R350 funds which was basically meant to help the unemployed during the pandemic

Numerous South Africans have however been struggling with the unemployment grant from SASSA.

New protocols were recently given out to rectify the problems being experienced by various applicants.

The problems being faced included things like unreasonable dismissal, pending application and an unpaid fund. 

SASSA's explanation and rectification of problems faced by applicants below.

SASSA comes out to explain those whose applications were declined and also gave reasons why.

According to the agency, the primary explanation was that they had a pay that originated from somewhere else. SASSA took to twitter to address the issue with applicants.

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According to SASSA's tweet individuals who were declined by SASSA have the alternative to voice out their interests by means of email or call. This strategy will permit individuals to inquire as to why their application was declined and they will be given an explanation. 

The agency drops a number and a mail that would assist individuals and also give explanations behind their applications getting declined.

According to the agency, an incorrect ID could also have resulted to a declined application (see what to do in the tweet below)

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SASSA sorts out those whose application hasn't gone through for a long time

Most candidates have been pending since they applied in May, some have professed to have applied sooner than other people who got endorsed.

The issue was additionally sorted out by SASSA. (Read below) 

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As indicated by SASSA, candidates would continue to hang on. Pending application is simple as is as a result of many other application by users.

SASSA sorts out applicants who've been affirmed.

Affirmed candidates have an assigned "pay day" that shows online when they check their status. This compensation day is the alleged day you are to get paid.

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As indicated by SASSA, payment date would be sent to applicants as to where and when to receive their funds.

According to SASSA agency, the qualification process isn't a one time thing. This means individuals who were verified and paid their first R350 in May, would still have to repeat same process in June.

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+27-084648**** · 06/24/2020
Guess we getting nothing declined or approved
SharonGoch · 06/24/2020
Fraud and corruption is the government's name!!!!!
MirandaPinana · 06/24/2020
Ive got Idappl numbers what must i do with these numbers since they said i must keep them???? For what from May
GUEST_okPw2Pl1Z · 06/27/2020
approved on31 may still no payday no money

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