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If you don't know anything about this picture than you too young

Mpolydo 2d

Those days we were in high schools this movie was a bang,created breakfast topic at high school those and we laughed View pictures in App save up to 80% data. we had fun since this movie tempted us to party at during weekends

I remember the year I watched the movie and I laughed a lot when it came to the part they stole a full brick of drugs,the dealer was mad trying to chase this boys he was a die hard

The guys didn't even care about what happens to the house after being drugged imaged the whole school and neighborhood partying at your place,its madness but after all the movie was a bang we can debate about it on the comment section I don't wanna get into details shares and comment will keep the topic interesting quick reminder remember the fat guy sniffing his friend mom's dildo

Can't mention them waiting on comment sections,who ever passes this gets the link to get the movie for free on telegram

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