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Facts you didn’t know about the education industry

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Children learning to read and write is something most adults take for granted. Important to go to school and get educated. Reading and writing are foundations A solid education. But this was not always the case,in the last few decades education has improved changed a lot a lot. Here are five facts that you did not know about their education industry:

1.Schools were created after forced labour was put an end to

Children were forced to work on manufacturing and production industries in critical circumstances. Many orphans were sold to artisans as apprentices and treated cruelly to the point of dying because of the difficult and dangerous jobs. By the 19th century, the consensus was that children should not be treated with such cruelty and it was put to an end.

2.Importance of education

Parents aim to give their children the best education they possibly can. So they make sure they aren’t school and meet the requirements given to progress to the next grade. School are still learning factories today and is helping many students understand life in a different perspective. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3.The jury on whether a degree makes your life better or not

To say if your life is better if you have a degree is controversial. There are many successful happy people without degrees and just as many unsuccessful people with degrees. The college experience has prepared you for the real world and there is no tangible value you can attach to that. Your college years are often those you’ll look back on and regard as the best years of your life. Going to college expand yours horizon and teaches you to think more critically. A degree makes you more employable and commands a certain amount of respect from others. Having no degree for most individuals makes them create their on type of business and becoming successful from it if they are serious about life.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 4.The reason schools have a long summer break will surprise you

Many people think that the long summer break is given to students to allow them to soak up the sun and enjoy the long lazy days of summer. Well that may be what is happening now but, back when the schooling system was in the 19th century, students had the summer off so they could help their parents harvest the crops on their farms. This will be rather a foreign concept for many students today who think about keeping their room tidy as some sort of cruel slave labour.

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