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Cigarette ban (Update): Bad news for smokers as High Court dismisses the case

Money_Wise_Geek 06/26/2020

The cigarette ban has been of debate and controversy for quiet a while. FITA went as far as taking the government to court concerning the ban and today marks the day smokers have been waiting for however, the isn't any good news.

There's bad news for smokers as the High Court has dismissed the cigarette ban case. This was confirmed by the chairperson of FITA Sinenhlanhla Mnguni. This means that the cigarette ban remains until further notice. 

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The Minister in Presidency had previously stated that the ban would be lifted during level 2 of lockdown. Smokers would have to wait for level two of which could be in August. 

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It's bad news for smokers but good news for the black market of course as their business of selling cigarettes at high prices will continue. It has been estimated that the black market makes about R3 billion on illegal cigarettes. This only implies the money the economy has been losing.

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