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Top 10 2020 Most Anticipated Movies

Trappysane 06/25/2020

Top 10 2020 Most Anticipated Movies

For 2020 I'm sure you got anticipation of what movie to watch and some of you all might be bored because of the lockdown and because DSTV and other digital networks keep repeating the same movies and old ones.So if you looking for the best movie to keep yourself entertaining during this lockdown you just come at the right place because I will just be dropping the best ones for you

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Here is the list

1 6 underground

2 Bloodshot

3 Badboys for life

4 The quiet place 2

5 Jumanji Next level

6 Black widow

7 Mulan

8 The invisible Man

9 No time to die

10 Tenet

I got to say my list is not according but that's just some of the best movies you should watch.I know that some of the movies I've mentioned are not yet out buh that's the whole point because I want you to be excitingly expecting them.

It's your boy Trappy Sane anyway drop a like and comment with the genre of movies you want me recommend,till next time peace!

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