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Follow these 3 steps you will be married in a no time

Ladykmaake_01 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Marriage is a beautiful thing and is a gift from God. There are steps that you can follow that will help you meet the right one for you and be married in no time.

Steps to follow

1st step

Make a list of all the things you want your partner to have, from character to looks everything you would love in a partner.

2nd step

Find a bible that you don't use regularly and find a scripture that has a promise personally i like/used Matthew 7v7 were the bible speaks about ask and you shall receive, now take the list, fold it and place it inside the bible in the verse you have selected.

I in addition to this highlight the scripture. Put the bible away were it will not be disrupted and leave it there don't open it just leave it in peace like you forgot about it.

3rd step

Pray about it everytime you remember the list or when you see the bible, it does not have to be everyday religiously just when it crosses your mind it can be once a day or everyday twice daily basically whenever you are reminded of the list.

Lastly have faith and leave everything in the hands of God. Trust and believe and don't try and make it happen by your own strength just trust the process.

Try it, it workes believe me.

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