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Mr President how did you become a multi billionaire while millions are still in poverty?

Kmotsoa 06/29/2020

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It is undeniable that the wealth of this country remains largely in the hands of a predominantly white and male minority. The structure of our economy continues to exclude overwhelming numbers of the poor and Black majority.

This is a statement that was made by the president of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa during a speech to the nation late last week.

This left many wondering if really the president understands the issue at hand.

One twitter user by the name of @MahadeoSeems challenged the president to respond to a question after the president spoke about the huge inequalities within our nation and the injustices of apartheid that which left most black South Africans in a poor condition.

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The tweet reads: Mr Ramaphosa how can you address the question and inequality of White people’s wealth when you speak from the very same vantage point and privilege?  It's undeniable all the wealth of our state lies in the bank balances of cadres and their families accounts.

Mr President...Whites aside...Let us analyse how you a Black man, a struggle veteran became a MULTI BILLIONAIRE. Not even millionaire! Almost all cadres are multi-millionaires without having careers or generational wealth. How did you acquire billions while millions are poor?

One user speculated by saying, I call it “comrade insider trading”! They traded on information that was only available to the few politically connected and the companies that “seconded” them as political lobbyists in the ANC government.

When we look at the history or our President, Cyril like many blacks who are still trapped in poverty was born in Soweto during the apartheid era.

Despite being born to poor parents and having limited opportunities, Ramaphosa became a leading activist in the anti-apartheid struggle and obtained a law degree. He then went on to form the National Union of Mineworkers and became a multi-millionaire businessman, before rising to the presidency in 2018.

There is lots of speculations around how he acquired his wealth with the likes of Julius Malema claiming he sold out black people by colluding with white mining magnates to have a peaceful transition after Apartheid. There are many stories here and we could sit all day and discuss them but the main thing is does he have solid plans to redistribute wealth and lead the South Africa to a better future?

What is your take on this issue, is Cyril not able to relate to the many South African who are living in poverty as it has been so long since he last had to struggle to make ends meet?

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Top Comments
GUEST_Omw1b6wR4 · 06/30/2020
who made him president? money of course!
PtahMathibe · 06/30/2020
He can't relate because of the foundation of this Economy, which is greed. The minute you become rich in this economy, greed follows, that's the way it is.
TienieRupping · 06/30/2020
the miners made him rich every end of the mounth they diducted money for mr =amaposa
DennisVanAarde · 06/30/2020
that my friend we can ask any government

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