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Here are the curriculum trimming details for this academic year

Technon 06/26/2020

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When the world health organisation declared the coronavirus as a global health emergency, the subsequent reaction by many countries was to enforce a nationwide lockdown for their countries.

South Africa is country that instituted the lockdown like many other countries, the south African lockdown was announced by the president of the south Africa, cyril Ramaphosa on the 15 of March. The enforcement of the lockdown led to many organisations having to close, including schools.

Since March this year schools have been closed and it's only in June the 8th were school were allowed to reopen for only grade 7 and 12

The department of basic education has come up with strategy to trim the curriculum in order to cover for the time lost because of the the coronavirus lockdown.

The trimming of the curriculum and deviation from the original is only applicable for this year only and it shall go back it's original structure in 2021, 'the trimming of the curriculum is just a recovery plan and only acting only as interim for the time lost to ensure the safe and secure return of learners back school.'

Find the full details of the curriculum content, as well as the revised annual teaching plans and curriculum guidelines




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