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Tembisa monday movement today late evening

Mahlatse2 06/29/2020

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Tembisa monday movement today late evening lot of people seem be returned to work because late time thers lot of people doing movement most of them are from work some are streets markets, what's important is the are wearing musk.

Our people noticed that musk is very important when walking streets everyone walking on street is wearing musk let's continue doing it musk will safe our life's and we will always be protected.

People are moving up and down thier have to know we are still on lockdown nothing changed we still have to follow gorvenment rule corona virus still exist our government is just doing us favour so that we can be able to pay bills let's keep on preventing the virus.

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Our streets market their have to tell thier custormers to do social distancing when buying because thier markets are not safe and thier also have to use sanitazer for thier custormers even people on streets have to learn social distancing.

Cars are few and most is quantums I think our taxi drivers also follow the rule no musk no ride that's all and thier also have to use sanitizer before you enter in the taxi so that we will fight against corona virus.

Let's keep on behaving this will pass and our streets markets have to becarefull the virus is too dangerous and it killsif you own any street market make sure you also do social distancing and the people who purchase at your market thier are wearing musk

Let's keep on praying prayer is the best corona virus do not have power God will answear our prayers

God bless our country

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