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Durban University of Technology Staff infected with Covid-19 virus

George_Robert 06/26/2020

Today, the 26th of July 2020, Durban university of technology released a statement saying the one of their staff members tested positive for the novice virus.

This came after students were allowed back to campus to resume classes in racing to save the academic year.

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While the name and the sender of the staff member could not be made public, we were told that they work in the engineering department at Steve Biko campus.

The campus is located in Durban central, in one of their four campuses in Durban. The campus attended to science and engineering, which means that many students who returned to campus for practicals and further academic assistance are now at risk.

The university did not indicate which measures will be put in place to prevent infections for the coming busy academic days, except the known measures put in place by the government.

We stand firm by the regulations and hope that students will be safe especially those who have their lecturs in the same campus.

Source: opera.com
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