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Seven Foreign Nationals Accused Of Human Trafficking Granted Bail

NDONYANA 06/25/2020

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Human trafficking is a very serious offence everywhere around the world.lt is a crime against humanity.

Seven Chinese nationals learnt that the hard way as they were arrested last November. They were alleged to be involved in human trafficking and violations of the country's labour laws.

On Wednesday 24 June, the Johannesburg magistrate court granted the seven Chinese nationals bail.The seven [ four men and three women] were alleged to be running an illegal enterprise called Beautiful City Pty Ltd in Village Deep ,Johannesburg.

Subsequent to their arrest, there was a tipp-off that they were trafficking illegal immigrants into SA and subjecting them into forced labour.

How on earth can a foreigner do that to another ,aren't they supposed to be in solidarity in a foreign country ?🤔

Following on the joint operation by the department of labour, home affairs, Hawks and police - 91 Malawans were rescued in the factory.More appalling was that 37 of them were children.

Oh my God!,,,,,yes you heard me right!,,,,,, Children 🤔🤔.l have heard of how money makes the world go round.But to exploit children to enrich yourself is inhuman,to say the least.

The seven accused and their respective amounts of bail are as follows :

Kevin Tsao R70 000

Chen Hui R50 000

Qin Li R30 000

Jiaqing Zhou R30 000

Ma Biao R30 000

Dai Junying R30 000

Zhang Zhilian R30 000

Based on their bail conditions,Tsao[now a naturalised South African] can only leave his place of residence on Mondays,Wednesday and Fridays.The rest are expected to be given a place to stay by Tsao.No movement away from Tsao's residence unless they going to sign at Cleveland Police station between 6am and 6pm.

Their first bail [ which they applied for in November] was denied in March.However, their defence re-applied in May based on new facts.The lockdown provided them with new grounds to apply.

What are your views on this?

What do you think on the issue of human trafficking ,forced labour and child labour?

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