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Malema Loses It, Makes Revelations On VBS Scandal And Other Corrupt Activities

yunahbvumbwe 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema has made some shocking revelations after being publicly interrogated by journalists on the VBS scandal.

Malema says he has never spoken to anyone at the VBS nor had any dealings with them.

"I have never benefited anything from VBS, if i have, present it," he tells journalists.

He also reveals that he is not being investigated by the Hawks or anything, neither is he being investigated by the SARS, but says all the allegations citing that he is being investigated seeks to destroy EFF.

"The intention was to collapse the EFF. When they say Malema collapsed Limpopo, the intention was to discredit Malema. That is how Pravin operates. The aim is not to get conviction or go to trial. The aim is to smear you," he said.

The EFF leader also said The Communist Party got money from VBS, ANC Limpopo and ANC national also got money from VBS but nobody is talking about them which points out that they want to discredit EFF.

"But today they don't have the dark cloud because the intention is to discredit us," said Malema.

Julius Malema told journalists that EFF has done their own investigations and have found out that they are being linked to the scandal because of Sgameka whose name is Brian Shivambu.

He adds that the aim was to link the name Shivambu to delegitimize the EFF in it's fight against corruption.

"If Brian Shivambu was not mentioned, there would have been something else because there is an agenda to discredit us. There would have been something else in the same way there was condoms.

The Treasure General was asked to go and look into the EFF bank statements to check if there were donations from VBS. Her report was clear that there were no donations from VBS," said Malema.

Malema adds that there is a lot of corruption happening in Johannesburg yet investigative journalists are unable to expose that open corruption.

"Senior managers in the City are being subjected to suspension enquiry or leave. It is because the current government want to access resources in Johannesburg without following due process," he said.

The Economic Freedom Fighters leader states that his party gets audited and approved each year as they submit their books to parliament and the IEC.

The argument of Malema is that a friend of his who is a shareholder wrote a letter to FSB and PIC about the corruption at VBS, but he was dismissed by FSB and PIC.

"Two institutions including the Reserve Bank were informed and yet they did nothing about that in 2016," he reveals.

Julius Malema is confident that he won't be arrested because he did not indulge in any criminal activities.

"If these people had real evidence, they would have come for me. You know how they feel about me, they tell you in corners.

There is no party that is going down. Why are we not being arrested? Why are we not being charged? It is because those charges are not there," he said.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
MGGP · 06/25/2020
Malema, I never benefited anything from VBS, if that true, why dont you fight those who stole from VBS (the poor) to pay back the money like you did to Msholozi. as you claim to stand for the poor. BBEEE scandal
Hector-man · 06/25/2020
I know he have an issue with Pravin. Pravin is the one who find out that Malema was not paying tax,and having dodgy dealings in tenders with Limpopo province. For that,any chance he get,he accuse Pravin. Even when Malema fart,is because of Pravin.
GUEST_45xM5XMyz · 06/25/2020
he's always blame others but corruption is his game xem
Mashandisa88 · 06/25/2020
Thank you CIC for exposing ANC, Communist Party, but yet our stereotyped people still believe that you are a criminal, they don't know that this is just a smear campaign to destroy EFF, how foolish are they,,,,,, the only thing that is sustainable for your actions is the fire arm you shot in Mdantsane n the pushing of police in the funeral of Mama Winnie Mandela

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