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Opinion:SASSA doesn't take unemployed people serious!Read this

Ipeleng21 06/29/2020

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Sassa took advantage to decline every applications especial in the rural area now we are confused that how and where are we going to get this money R350 still a big problem if you have a bank account Sassa will decline your application.

And those who their applications are approved they initially said the R350s will be deposited into the peoples bank accounts now people they are receiving smses to say they must collect the R350 at a post office. WHY?

SASSA is playing with us they said if you applied in may and your application happen to be approved in June then you will they will back pay you, you will receive R350 for May and June which is R700 but that was just a lie people received R350 for June only.

I don't understand how SASSA works cause some people applied in early May their applications are still pending and some applied in late June their applications are approved and they have already received R350 is this?no it's not they need to upgrade their system. People were happy when our president announced the Relief fund only to find out that some will be rejected and what hurt the most they are unemployed and they are not receiving any sorts of income.

Source: opera.com
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