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See why South Africans are suddenly jealous of Julius Malema and his son's relationship

Alyssah 06/25/2020

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Following overflowing rumors and hypothesis that Economic Freedom Fighters pioneer Julius Malema contributed to the VBS Mutual Bank adventure, Malema is now resolved to settle the issue, unequivocally. 

Malema has on Wednesday declared that he has welcomed five columnists to cross examine him openly on the VBS Mutual Bank adventure. 

As per Malema, his son is the person who prompted him to demonstrate to the world that he has nothing to hide.

"Endless supply of my child, who demanded that if @PaulivW isn't among these writers, it will appear as though I have something to hide. I have spoken with EFF and mentioned that @PaulivW should likewise be permitted to interrogate me.

Well, most South Africans weren't pleased with this. Some felt he is dragging his son into his problems.

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So many South Africans said some other bad words.

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However, some feel that South Africans are only being jealous of the Relationship between father and son.

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It is a good thing for a son to advice his dad and his dad listens.

Do you think his son advised him rightly?

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questkwxoo · 06/25/2020
Jealous for a maparra....no way

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