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DBE reacts to school’s breach of covid-19 protocols, Angie Motshekga likely to impose sanctions?

Delucidpen 06/26/2020

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Report coming from the Citizen has revealed that the department of education is demanding answers from Hoërskool Driehoek in Vanderbijlpark, where teachers were pictured sitting at close distance around a table without masks. The department of basic education has slammed the school for such an act, stating that teachers should be setting an example for pupils, and that the group of teachers from Hoërskool Driehoek clearly failed in this regard. When Angie Motshekga announced the reopening of schools, she also signed directives for schools operation during the pandemic. these directives stipulate that all teachers and staff at schools should adhere to the standard operating procedures that have been set for safety, which include a strict observation of social distancing and wearing of face masks.

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According to the news, the departmental spokesperson Hope Mokgatlhe admitted that she was called by a concerned parent whose child attends the Hoërskool Driehoek in Vanderbijlpark. The parent reported that there where teachers who were pictured having lunch around a table, clearly not physically distancing from each other and not wearing masks. Mokgatle has directed that incidents such as witnessed at Hoërskool Driehoek should be reported to the department, firstly at the provincial level and then to the national office. In her words, ‘we need to bring people to book; the principal needs to be brought to book [for breaching safety protocols].

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According to Mokgatlhe, the principal first has to explain how the teachers had failed to socially and physically distance from each other. She reiterated Angie Motshekga’s recent statement that safety in schools remains a top priority for the basic education department in the wake of covid-19, adding that such an incident as seen Hoërskool Driehoek is not allowed at all, and that the department would investigate whether such situation occurred due to a lack of understanding about Covid-19 precautionary measures. Concluding, Mokgatlhe stated that she could not immediately reveal what action would be taken until the department has received an explanation from the principal of the school, who she accused for risking everything that the basic education department stands for [as a result of the incident].

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Mokgatlhe said department will now gather covid-19 data from schools across the country every three days, as was decided following Angie Motshekga’s virtual meeting with provincial departments that took place on Thursday. Although the spokesperson for the Gauteng department of education, Steve Mabona, is yet to respond to the issue, it is not clear whether the report has reached the minister for basic education, Angie Motshekga or the national office of the basic education department. With Angie Motshkga’s firm stance on safety in schools especially in her recent addresses, it is likely that she would not take such a worrisome development as seen at Hoerskool Driehoek lightly. It is also likely that the minster, if she gets wind of the above development, would not only put up sanctions against the management of the school, but may also give directives on disciplinary actions on any school that fails to adhere to covid-19 safety protocols in future.    

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