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EFF Conderms Mbalula's Reckless, Unscientific Decision

TGalositwe 06/29/2020

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The EFF conderms minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula reckless Unscientific Decision to allow Airline to operate at 100% capacity EFF said on the statement.

Nothing comes to utter madness that assertion it is not only Unscientific but also dangerous EFF said on the statement.

According to the EFF airline were the main cause of spreading the COVID-19 across the world,if the logic was true COVID-19 wouldn't have infected people in SA in the first place.

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Hepa filter kills fungi viruses and bacteris,but it does not protect against sneezing.

Mbalula on Monday said the filtration system on board has the capacity to "eat the virus".

"Plane is not a taxi the filter can eat any viruses" Mbalula said.

EFF wants Cyril Ramaphosa to reverse the decision made by Mbalula.

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Several people on social media complained and said they are busy making noise about the taxi industry not to operate on full capacity while flight do just that.

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Top Comments
PedroDeFreitas · 06/30/2020
Agree with EFF.... but don't keep saying that this or that is wrong.... contribute with solutions.... Easy to "" point fingers ".... a bit more difficult to" fix it"!

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