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This Man is a Genius: How to Deal with a Gold Digger

SkrrBangBang 2d

Most women have made it a habit of not working for themselves and rely on asking men for money.

Unfortunately that scam did not work with this guy. If a lady just realise you like her, all of a sudden she will start requesting airtime daily and if you want to go see her you cannot go empty handed, you must arrive carrying gifts.

The painful part is these ladies will spend your money even when they know they do not like you back. They manipulate a man into thinking he has a chance and do their bidding only to be left heart broken.

The way this guy handled the situation we might make him the Supervisor at the Men's Conference. The lady was asking for money he asked for sex in return, she says she has a fiancee and the dude asked why she did not ask her fiancee for the money. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I do not think he did anything wrong this woman wanted to be given money without working for it. Only her fiancee can do that and this dude even said he is saving the money for his own fiancee😂 this is just perfect.

Women stop taking advantage of men liking you is not a crime or a business deal. We must not buy love out there, now we cannot even tell the difference between prostitutes and these girls because wherever you go they make pay before you do anything.

Did the guy do wrong? Or its only fair.

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Top Comments
RelebogileLebo · 06/28/2020
I applaud this guy. HE IS MY MENTOR AND I PROMISE TO FOLLOW YOU BROER, as to chase away the GOLD DIGGERS, abadlala ngamadoda because of looking for quick cash without working for.
PascalSpikeOkoli · 06/27/2020
this guy is the badest guy in Nigeria........ lolzzzzzzz
Holylife · 06/25/2020
GUEST_B3WE19neN · 06/29/2020
go n wrk

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