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Tax number causes havoc for Sassa applicants

Jonjochristopher 06/29/2020

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Tax number causes havoc for Sassa applicants...

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Another week has passed and Sassa is still busy declining people's applications because they have worked years ago,"Is it because of their Tax number? But when the president announced about the SRD grant the requirements were given and it was said that if you are unemployed you qualify for the grant but now Sassa is coming with other stories. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

 What's the point ,"people don't have any source of income but were declined and people who were approved are still waiting on a payment date, if you call the line is permanently congested. So what's the point in listening to get another bunch of lies by useless bunch of corrupt officials.

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Even now it's a struggle for people who applied in May and haven't got approved and are still pending some have been approved but haven't gotten their payments. Some applicants who got declined and went to labour and SARS to ask about being employed but they were clarified that they were unemployed and don't qualify for UIF but got declined.

Now who is fooling who here?

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Do our people deserve this kind of treatment from the agency or the government?

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totibapela · 06/30/2020
Anc sassa must go down
+27-73562**** · 06/29/2020
Corruption must Fall AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS khanizi thandeni. fakani i whites no wonder ningazifuni kuba nizosho niyeke ukutya imali yabahlupheki. anizoya nayo nasezulwini nizakubila nigodola yi Covid19 nithi nifuna ucela amaxoli uzakuyibona ibhabha playa emoyeni .HAYINI ANIVA

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