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ORANIA: The Ugly Collapse is Imminent

Maringozen 06/25/2020

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Its always surprising how we humans are. The way we do things is surprising. We are a specie full of selfish attitude. We care for what is ours, what belongs to us come first. Sometimes we forget where we come from.We even forget we sailed seas and oceans occupying soil that didnt belong to us.

The case being Orania town in iNorthern Cape which was established in 1991 by Afrikanneer people. The descendants of the Dutch from Netherlands in Europe. Therefore one can ask himself/herself why they did that when the first democracy elections were coming?. Why they did that when Nelson Mandela was being released from Robben Island?

The answer is simple the white minority does not want to engage with black people economically and in civil affairs. Panyaza Lesufi MEC of Education in Gauteng Province has said it well, when he said Orania must fall.

We are leaving in a new South Africa with diverse races. Let's build it and unite it.

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Top Comments
PhillipDeNonronha · 06/25/2020
Los tog net daai mense yt hulle pla niemand
GUEST_vkyE57vYP · 06/25/2020
I am sure the people living there is not stealing from your government,and they are using proper money buying things outside of Orania ,pls don't feel threatened cause I am sure they mean you no harm,just encourage them to lead by example and show love and did someone ever complain about Jacob Zuma's property
Deputy · 06/25/2020

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